A Great and Free Editor for LiveCode


If you don't use LiveCode, it is extremely unlikely you'd have any use for Glass. If you're not familiar with LiveCode, you may just want to check it out.

Here's why Glass is a better approach to developing in LiveCode... 

You Can Focus

  • When Glass opens, it covers LiveCode with a sheet of smoked glass.
  • Glass is not intended for multiple monitors. It's for laptops and single monitors.

Glass Has Moveable Tabs

  • Each edited object gets its own tab which floats at the top of the Glass screen.
  • Floating tabs can be re-positioned vertically by dragging them.

It's All About Handlers

  • Code lives in handlers, which live in folders between which they can be dragged.
  • Glass edits a single handler’s code in an editor that floats on the Glass screen.
  • You can move or collapse multiple handlers into one coding area for better code overview.
  • Calls to handlers are linked to the handler being called in whatever object it may reside. 

Folders, Sleepers & Saving

  • A folder called Sleepers has standard system message handlers you can drag into use.
  • Glass saves everything you edit in a database--even uncompiled code.

Browse Your Objects

  • Glass's object browser displays your stacks, cards, groups and controls.
  • Single-click an object to edit code, set properties, show it, hide it, or select it and go to it. 

Display Tools. Or Not.

  • Tool buttons along the screen bottom make common actions and their shortcuts known. 
  • Hide or show the Glass tools. When shown, tool tips for everything are displayed as well. 

Just You and Your Code

  • Glass UI is spare. No extra buttons. No prefs. No menu bar. Just you and your code.
  • Glass is not spare on features, however. Download it and find out for yourself.

The Basics are Free

Glass is free. Updates to it are free. The basic documentation is free. There's no risk in adding the items below to your shopping cart. When you check out, you'll need to supply your email address (we won't sell or misuse it) and name, but you do not fill in any credit card info, even though you'll be asked for it.

After submitting your order, we'll send you a 24-hour download link to Glass and its documentation. Installation instructions are in the documentation. Enjoy!


Glass LiveCode Plugin v1.2.0r9

Installation instructions are included in the Quick Docs PDF shown to the right.

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Glass Quick Docs PDF v1.2.0r9

This PDF has the basics for using Glass. More extensive docs coming soon as a supplement.

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Glass Change History

Here is a text file containing the change history for recent versions of the Glass Plugin.

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Buy the Supplements

To support continued development of Glass, you can help yourself — and the community — by spending $2.00 to obtain one of the following Glass Supplements upon their publication:

  • Inside Glass Docs: An exhaustive, complete set of the docs in PDF format with screenshots, reference links, FAQs, historical references, and lots of detail including rationale for Glass UI and workflow decisions made by Glass’s developer.
  • Inside Glass Videos: Smashing videos showing all the stuff in the documentation plus tips and tricks. Also made and produced by the developer.
  • Glass Hangouts: Exciting webcasts where huge new features are rolled out along with Q&A. Think Apple Keynote -- except you can ask questions.
  • Glass Sleepers: State-of-the-art handlers you can add to your private sleepers folder to speed up the coding process.
  • Glass Papers: Technical white papers putting forward best practices for coding, UI, workflow and architecture -- all from the Glass point of view.
  • Wolf Today: Tips, tricks, and advice on life as a coder which includes breaking tech, future tech, ideal work setups, good habits, and real coffee.

If you have a supplement you enjoy, each time it's published, you will be spending $2.00. Over the course of a year we anticipate this kind of output:

  • Inside Glass Docs and Videos will be issued monthly.
  • Hangouts will happen five or six times a year.
  • Sleepers will be released a few times a year.
  • Papers will be published quarterly.
  • Wolf Today will happen when it happens.

You might be spending $20.00 a year on one or two supplements. You might go supplement crazy and spend $50.00.  You might spend nothing. A plan like this favors those who require little support. If you think about it, this approach also places less pressure on me, the developer.

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